Top 10  MS PowerPoint  Quiz  Question & Answer

No - 01 Which of the following will not advance the slides in a slide show view?

(A) Esc key (B) The mouse button (C) The Enter key (D) The spacebar

Ans - (A) Esc key

No - 02 Microsoft PowerPoint is used to create what?

(A) Documents (B) Database (C) Presentation (D) Accounting

Ans - (C) Presentation

No - 03 Shortcut key to open pre-made Presentation is ?

(A) CTRL + O (B) CTRL + N (C) CTRL + A (D) CTRL + L

Ans - (A) CTRL + O

No - 04 Which term is related with increasing or decreasing the space between characters?

(A) Footer (B) Page number (C) Spacing (D) Header

Ans - (C) Spacing

No - 05 Which dialog box is for setting the page size?

(A) Setting page dialog box (B) Page setting dialog box (C) Paragraph dialog box (D) Page setup dialog box

Ans - (D) Page setup dialog box

No - 06 Press ___ to end a presentation.

(A) E (B) P (C) Esc (D)Tab

Ans- (C) Esc

No - 07 Which is the basic element of PowerPoint?

(A) Sheet (B) Slide (C) File (D) Page

Ans - (B) Slide

No - 08 To access the PowerPoint Help system using the keyboard, press ____.


Ans - (D) F1

No - 09 On which Menu tap can 'On Mouse Click' checkbox be located?

(A) Animations (B) Insert (C) Transitions (D) Home

Ans - (C) Transitions

No - 10 Which key helps to move to the beginning of a line?

(A) Page Down (B) Insert (C) Home (D) Page Up

Ans - (C) Home